4 Places to Satisfy You Sweet Tooth in Chicago

May 9, 2019

Food lovers may have officially dubbed Chicago as the birthplace of deep dish pizza, but did you know that the city is actually one of the best places to find sweet treats? From donuts dipped in glazed and topped with everything from bacon to Pop Rocks, to locally-made chocolates from world-class chocolatiers, this city has a serious sweet tooth! Below are four of our favorite places to satisfy our sugar cravings in the sweet city of Chicago.


Stan’s Donuts and Coffee

[Source: Stan’s Donuts and Coffee]


With a rich history dating back to 1963 Los Angeles serving Hollywood royalty like Elizabeth Taylor, Labriola Baking Company partnered with Stan Berman, founder of Stan’s Donuts, to bring this popular donut shop to the Midwest! Serving both classics (think Maple Long Johns and Vanilla Dips) and more adventurous treats (the Caramel Marshmallow Pocket is a must-try), there is always something delicious to munch on at this beloved joint.



[Source: Hewn]


If you’re searching for a family-owned bakery that crafts delicious breads, pastries, and brioche, look no more — Hewn is all of that and more! With over two dozen flavours of homemade bread and even more pastries, this sweet-smelling establishment is a must for anyone looking for made-by-scratch delicacies in the Evanston area.


Sweet Mandy B’s

[Source: Sweet Mandy B’s]


Are you ready for cakes, cupcakes, and cookies galore? Sweet Mandy B’s opened its doors in May of 2002 and has been a staple in the Chicago area ever since. With a love of all things pastels and sweets, this neighborhood bake shop is perfect for a quick treat to-go or for a more elaborate special occasion masterpiece.


Katherine Anne Confections

[Source: Katherine Anne Confections]


In the mood for made-in-Chicago chocolate? Swing by Katherine Anne Confections — their hand-dipped truffles, soft honey caramels, and pollowy marshmallows can make even grown men and women drool. Using as many local ingredients as possible (their cream is from central Illinois and they use local wildflower honey), there’s so many reasons to fall in love with this homegrown jewel.

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