Apartments in Downtown Los Angeles During The Museum of Ice Cream

May 9, 2017

With an extremely successful launch in New York last summer, the highly-anticipated Museum of Ice Cream has opened just 2 miles away from LEVEL Furnished Living in Downtown Los Angeles. And people are going nuts over it. Originally scheduled until May 29, tickets sold out right away. With such a high demand, the museum is now staying put until July 10. A colorful exhibition featuring 10 installations, the Museum of Ice Cream combines ice cream, art, and consumer experiences for a perfect activity during your time in Los Angeles.


Source: Museum of Ice Cream / Facebook


Compared to the original pop-up in New York, L.A. boasts a museum four times as large and with completely new ideas. With bright pink walls, colorful popsicles and life-size gummy bears, it is an Instagram-heaven. Co-founder Manish Vora, calls it a social experience – but not just for social media. He says it is built around people having truly engaging experiences and creating memories, with happy music streaming throughout each room.


Source: Museum of Ice Cream / Facebook


The ice-cream themed installations start with a pink room with old-fashioned pay phones hanging from the wall. The “ice cream fairy” on the end of the line encourages you to scream for ice cream. The California room, in collaboration with local ice cream shops, offers scoops from different creameries each week. As you go through the museum, you’ll hit a melted popsicle jungle, a mint chocolate chip grow room, and a room with yellow and pink bananas suspended from the ceiling. The favorite though, will likely be the interactive sprinkles swimming pool, filled with millions of plastic sprinkles.


Source: Museum of Ice Cream / Facebook


LEVEL Furnished Apartments in Los Angeles For The Ice Cream Museum

It’s not your typical museum, but its success is owed to that. Admission is $29, or $18 for kids, and comes with two complimentary ice creams. Whether you’re looking for classic ice cream, vegan, or frozen yogurt, you’ll find it all at the Museum of Ice Cream. Thinking about making the trip to Los Angeles for this? Looking for a furnished apartment for rent in Los Angeles this summer? Contact us to inquire about rates and make yourself at home nearby.