Los Angeles Neighborhood Spotlight: Chinatown

July 25, 2017

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More than just a dim sum stop, Los Angeles’ Chinatown offers everything from authentic cuisine and shopping to festivals and events. Just two miles from LEVEL Furnished Living’s front door, this traditional neighborhood is buzzing with arts and culture. Whether you’re visiting or call LA home, Chinatown is worth paying a visit. And we’re giving you the LEVEL lowdown on the best places to eat, shop, and take in this unique neighborhood.


Foo Chow

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While the draw at Foo Chow is that Jackie Chan filmed Rush Hour here, it also serves delicious dishes at a low price. Known for their modern interpretations of classic Chinese cuisine, you’ll find everything from seafood, pork, beef, and duck to chicken and vegetarian options. Don’t miss their lunch special between 11 and 2:30, or the early bird dinner special between 2:30 and 5:30 Monday to Friday.



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LA street food takes a seat in Chinatown, where the first sit down Chego came to be in 2010. Known for their street style rice bowls, Chego is the ultimate comfort food. Topped with seasoned meats such as pork belly, sambal chicken, and kimchi and spam, each bowl packs a burst of flavour. Another favourite is the Ooey Gooey Fries, loaded with sambal sour cream, plenty of cheese, spices and garlic.


K.G. Louie Co.

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Opened by K.G. Louie in 1938 and ran by three generations of Louies since, K.G. Louie and Co. is one of the first original stores in Old Chinatown. From art and jewelry to cookbooks and vintage tea sets, K.G. Louie Co. is the perfect spot to pick up traditional Chinese treasures.


Coagula Curational

Source: Coagula


To celebrate 20 years of publishing the Coagula Art Journal, art critic, editor, and curator Mat Gleason opened this exhibition space for contemporary artist to showcase their work. On opening nights, shows are followed up by stand-up comedy. Currently showing Peter Hess – Woodworks, Coagula Curational’s upcoming exhibitions include The OJ Simpson Museum and Kristen Mellon Retrospective.


Chinatown Summer Nights

Source: Happening in DTLA


To experience the best of what Chinatown has to offer all at once, look no further than Chinatown Summer Nights. On the fourth Saturday of the month from June to August at Central Plaza, music and food are combined to create one of LA’s livelist summer concerts. Complete with a photo booth, artisan stalls, a culinary stage, family workshops as well as food trucks and a craft beer garden, you’ll want to mark this one down on the calendar!

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