LEVEL Furnished Living’s Guide to the Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival

February 9, 2018

In case you didn’t get your fair share of chocolate over the holidays, you’re in luck. Back for its eighth year, The Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival is happening from January 20 to February 14th. Over 26 days, 35 of Vancouver’s best chocolatiers, pastry shops, bakeries, cafes, and ice cream shops craft up creative and unique flavour combinations, taking classic hot chocolate to a new level.




During the festival, organizers will be running a contest encouraging participants to post photos of their hot chocolate for a chance to win prizes. The Grand Festival Prize consists of 20 gift certificates from participating chocolate makers and cafes, with second and third place receiving six and three gift certificates respectively.

Organizers will repost their favourite photos throughout the festival, and whichever gets the most “likes” on Instagram will win the People’s Choice Prize. This lucky winner will receive a Festival Pass to next year’s festival, good for a free hot chocolate at each participating venue!




A great way for cafes and bakeries to showcase their baked goods as well, most hot chocolates are garnished or paired with a treat. With 75 different flavours to choose from, we’ve narrowed it down to a few that we’re the most excited to try.


Bel Cafe



In the heart of downtown Vancouver, the Bel Cafe is a stylish cafe located inside the Rosewood Hotel Georgia. Their flavours include:


Wascally Wabbit

Carrot cake hot chocolate with Valrhona Dubey 32% blonde chocolate, warm spice and carrot crema. Accompanied by a cream cheese truffle.


Pretty in Pink

Valrhona Ivorie white chocolate with rose oil and vanilla. Paired with a raspberry macaron.


Earnest Ice Cream



No stranger to changing things up, Earnest has been serving unique ice cream flavours since it opened in 2012. This popular ice cream joint is offering three choices:


Very Cherry Cocoa (Vegan)

Coconut and cherry chip ice cream is drenched in dark hot chocolate for an affogato-style drink. Served with a house-made Cherry Haystack.



Creamy, rich and satisfying, this dulce de leche drinking chocolate is balanced with a whipped cream topping. Served with a side of Bourbon Peach ice cream and oat crumble topping.


Bohemian Raspberry

Raspberry sipping chocolate topped with Chocolate Amaretto whipped cream. Served with a house-made raspberry marshmallow.


Cartems Donuts



Hot chocolate with a side of donut? Yes please. With two locations to choose from, Cartems is serving up two options:

Donut Misu!

Made with dark roasted coffee, authentic amaretto and a hint of nutmeg.
Garnished with a white chocolate donut truffle.


The Campfire (Vegan)

Made with smoked cocoa and creamy coconut milk chocolate.
Garnished with vanilla marshmallow fluff and toasted flax seed graham cracker.


Mink Chocolates

Specializing in small batch handmade artisan chocolate, you can’t go wrong at Mink Chocolates. Their two flavours this year are:


Hot Ass Hot Chocolate

Parisien dark sipping chocolate made with donkey’s milk. Served with animal crackers.


Trixie Is A Hipster

Ganache hot chocolate made with a fresh avocado. Served with Melba toast.


If you’re visiting Vancouver from out of town, LEVEL Furnished Living is Vancouver’s preferred choice for short & long-term furnished apartment rentals. Stay with us, and get your hot chocolate fix at several participating cafes nearby. To see a full list of participating locations and flavours, click here!