Summer in Vancouver

May 22, 2015

Earlier this week we had a guest ask us what going on in Vancouver for the upcoming summer season. We did some digging and after everything was said and done, a little light bulb went off. Hey! Why don’t we share all these fun summer ideas with the rest of our wonderful and amazing guests? So, here is what we’ve come up with, 10 things to do in Vancouver this summer!

1. First and foremost, Stanley Park is Vancouver number one attraction. This park is full of history with modern perks inside. On a bright sunny day, this Park is the place to be. Whether it is walking the seawall, spending the day at second beach pool, or saying “Hi” to some penguins at Vancouver’s Aquarium, there is so much to do! It would be impossible to try to cram it all in one day… or night. That’s right, Stanley park even has an outdoor movie, every Tuesday, at Second beach starting at dusk.

2. What thought passes through your mind when you think of summer? Well for us, that would be fireworks! There is just something mesmerizing about those bright colours flashing through the night sky. It’s a good thing this is Vancouver because this is where one of the best fireworks shows occurs. Honda’s Celebration of Light is back again for some more friendly competition. The dates are as follows:

  • Saturday July 25th. Team China at 10:00pm-10:25pm.
  • Wednesday July 29th. Team Brazil at 10:00pm-10:25pm
  • Saturday August 1st. Team Canada at 10:00-10:25pm

3. For all those thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies, Playland has just opened. It is ready to show off its brand new attraction The Beast, an extreme pendulum ride. If that’s not your cup of tea there’s still games and less daring rides. It keeps getting better because at the end of August The PNE begins! This means live concerts, great food, amazing games and activities for the whole family to enjoy.

4. The best part about being on the coast is that beaches are everywhere. So many, in fact, that going to beach won’t get boring when there is always a new one to try. It a great place to truly relax and enjoy a picnic in the sun. Here are some of the many beaches Vancouver has to offer:

  • Ambelside Park – West Vancouver
  • Whytecliff Park – West Vancouver
  • English Bay – Downtown
  • Kitsilano Beach – Kitsilano
  • Third and Second Beach – Stanley Park

5. If your tastes include a more challenging and enduring day then going on a hike is definitely for you. Hiking is a great way to experience the other aspect of British Columbia, it’s not just beaches. Lynn Head Waters is known for great hikes and great scenery. At the headwaters, you can find a variety of different hikes, such as shorter or longer ones. Something a little more challenging would be the famous Grouse Grind. How long do you think it’ll take you?

6. As mentioned in our Elevator newsletter, Night markets are really starting up. They are the best places to find fresh and locally grown produce. There are so many to choose from in greater Vancouver area. Here are two links that can help you decide which will be your next stop:

7. Kayaking, canoeing, or paddle boarding are all fun things to do on a sunny day. Deep cove is an amazing location that is quiet, calm, and has breath-taking scenery. Deep Cove Kayak is the place to go if this sort of activity is an interest. They don’t just rent out boats, they give lessons too on how to make the proper stroke. Why not give it a try, check them out here:

8. Downtown Vancouver is lucky. It’s lucky because it has so many unique communities within it. Since many people have their lives in fast lane and don’t necessarily have the time to venture out of downtown they can simply enjoy the character that it has to offer. It’s amazing how each part of downtown has made itself different.

If you find yourself wandering around just look around and see what Yaletown, Gastown, the Westend. Chinatown, Robson, and even Grandville Island has to offer. Different atmospheres and each one has their own special trait.

Such as, Robson is known for its shopping, Yaletown is your classy posh community, and Gastown is your old rustic laid back café vibe.

9. We all scream for Ice cream! Or maybe we scream for gelato. La Casa Gelato, a personal favourite due to its outstanding selection of gelato, 218 flavours to be exact. Beat the summer heat with these sweet treats. La Casa Gelato is located on 1033 Venables Street.

Vancouver is an amazing place, who knows; maybe when you are out on one of these adventures you will find another great thing to in the summer here in Beautiful British Columbia!

So our number 10 thing to do in Vancouver is to simply explore and find your own hidden gem!